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the idea for Oursabeille came from a family trip to the beautiful state of Yucatan, Mexico, where my family originated. Known for its honey industry, and a rich history in beekeeping, reaching all the way back to the times of the Mayan Empire. Modern day Yucatan happens to be home to thousands of bee hives, both managed and wild, which lead my family and I to give beekeeping a go. We have quickly fallen in love with these amazing little creatures, becoming more aware every day of their diligent nature, the many challenges they face, and their importance to our environment. Bees are responsible for 1 in every 3 bites of our food, and provide a booming 15 billion dollars to the agricultural industry. Getting to know them and the great difference they make in a world much bigger than them has been nothing short of inspiring. In this journey I've not only seen their impact on my surroundings, but on my people as well. Many humble communities and families in Yucatan and neighboring states depend on the honey they've produced and sold for many generations, which has become harder over time with a decreasing bee population. This has put an increasing amount of pressure on the remaining bees, as their keepers have had to over-harvest their honey just to make ends meet. For this and many reasons I've decided to put together a project to give these little guys the spotlight they deserve as well as share my art with wonderful bee lovers like you. Thank you for your contribution to help our native bees!





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